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When tweets come in they’re parsed for certain expressions within twelve emotional states, namely anger, hate, anxiety, fear, surprise, hope, love, happiness, shame, sadness, despair, desire. Tweets containing expression such as “I’m happy about….”, “I’m angry ….. that..”, “I really hate….”, “I love it when…. ” are stripped of the emotional expression and this emotional state is mapped to it’s own specific tone one the instrument. Each time someone expresses one of the twelve emotions a note is played. The small LCD screen on the Vibe is to show a viewer which emotions are being ‘played’.


If a person tweets the Vibe directly at it’s Twitter account “@vibe_experiment” then their tweet is displayed on the screen and the emotional expression is ‘played’. This allows a user to create a musical composition on the Vibe remotely. Or just piss off the viewer by creating annoying repititious sequences of tones. Once a person tweets the Vibe directly they take it over giving them the main stage for their 140 character concerto..!!